Questions? Answers!

What is the Time Traveling Troupe?
The Time Traveling Troupe is a serialized improvised comedy series inspired by Doctor Who that follows the adventures of The Traveler, and her two companions, Travis and Tiffany, as they journey throughout time. Where and when they go, and what happens, will be based on three suggestions they receive at the beginning of each show. Raychel Winstead (Villian: The Musical, The MiDolls, and The Ones Your Mother Warned You About) plays as The Traveler and is accompanied by Kyle Brower (Ballpark Theatre Company and Director/Coach for the Laughing Stocks), and Jessi Kyle (The Big O and Ballpark Theatre Company), playing as Travis Hartnell and Tiffany Smith respectively. Each night they will be joined with various talented improvisers to play supporting characters.

The first season will contain 12 episodes with a run of time of approximately 40-minutes each. Episodes will be available to watch for free via YouTube for everyone.

Doctor Who?
Doctor Who is a British sci-fi show about an alien time traveler. Although inspired by it, the Time Traveling Troupe can be enjoyed by fans of any time travel show or movie, such as Primer, Back to the Future, Time Crimes, etc.

Why make this show?
Dennis Spielman, the show’s producer and creator, always been intrigued by the idea of doing a serialized show filmed with multiple cameras in front of a live studio audience. Nothing like it has been done in Oklahoma City and we all think it will be an exciting thing to do.

However, there is another, deeper reason. Did you know that 4 out of 5 improvisers go to bed without improving? The Time Traveling Troupe will create good improv for improvisers, allowing them to improv in the past, present, and the future. Please, think of the improvisers and pledge your support today.

This sound awesome! Where can I see this?
The show’s 12 episodes will filmed over the course of six nights at Reduxion Theatre at 613 N. Broadway Ave., Oklahoma City, OK U.S.A. Here’s our film schedule:

Thursday, June 21, 2012 – Episodes 1 and 2

Friday, June 22, 2012 – Episodes 3 and 4
Thursday, June 28, 2012 – Episodes 5 and 6

Friday, June 29, 2012 – Episodes 7 and 8
Thursday, July 5, 2012 – Episodes 9 and 10

Friday, July 6, 2012 – Episodes 11 and 12

The show will partner alongside with the city’s premier showcase for improv, OKC Improv, on Saturday nights. However, this many not come to pass as time is currently in flux.

Wait, why is time in flux?
We’re trying to raise $5,000 to rent the theatre space, have insurance, buy costumes, build the time machine, pay the actors, support wombats, get supplies, etc. There is a Kickstater campaign to make this happen. In exchange, you’ll receive a gift – such as early access, DVDs, blu-rays, and season tickets. Gifts are cool.

How does Kickstater work?
People pledge any amount and choose a reward. At the end of our Kickstarter campaign, if the combined total of all pledges for our project meets the $5,000 goal, then the credit cards of those who pledged are charged and we receive the funds to make our show. If we don’t meet our goal, then the money is not withdrawn from your account and no rewards are provided. If we exceed our goal then the extra funds will be used to make the show even better. Aside from a 5% Kickstarter fee and a 3-5% Amazon credit card processing fee, all funds raised will be used directly in the production of the show and gifts.

Can I change my pledge once it’s been made?
You bet! Once you donate to our campaign, you may want to change your incentive reward to a different one, or increase your pledge amount. To do so, go to Kickstarter and sign in. If you go to our campaign page, the green “Back This Project” button has been replaced with a blue “Manage Your Donation” button. Click it and you can enter a new amount, or choose a new incentive.

What happens if all the money isn’t raised in time?
Unfortunately, aliens will destroy Earth on December 21, 2012. If you watched our video, you would’ve learned that The Traveler went back in time and created the whole “End of the World” prophecy that aliens decided to take advantage of to destroy us all. Because the show will not happen without the money, the troupe cannot stop the aliens. Please, think of our planet.

How can I help?
Besides making a pledge – spread the word! Tell your friends and get them to pledge as well. Be sure to like us on Facebook and Google+ to for status updates.

Thank you for your time.