So, what’s going on?

So, what is going on with The Time Traveling Troupe?

The show has not been forgotten. The series simply grew too large for me to produce at this time. I want the show to be brilliant and the ideas and plans and stories I have set up, it will be so brilliant. I have a playlist on Spotify I regularly listening to of songs I’ve been collecting that inspire me to work on the show. The current plan is to have three seasons, each with 12 episodes now instead of just the six I had talked about in my video blog. The first season has been outlined, with scripts written here and there. There are notes for the second and third seasons. There is some rather cleaver material in it that will blow your mind, but no spoilers for today.

It will be some time before I can even start filming, like late next year in the best case scenario.

In the meantime, I am working on some prequel stories with characters from the show.

Thank you for your time.